Snoozer Cozy Cave® Dog Bed - Rectangle - Microsuede

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The SnooZer Cozy Cave was designed by O'Donell in Greenville, South Carolina. Each Cozy Cave is designed in such a way that the highest possible quality and detail have been achieved. You can expect high standards of quality and durability from an O'Donell product. This will most likely be the last dog or cat bed you buy, they are that good!

Most people like to see their animals crawl under the covers to create a warm den. The Cozy Cave offers the perfect alternative to this and gives dogs and cats their own comfortable sleeping place.

The Cozy Cave has a filling of synthetic material and cedar which is easy to remove.

Small: 77x51cm (for dogs up to 7 kg)
Medium: 89x63cm (for dogs from 7-20kg)
Large: 101x76cm (for dogs from 20-30kg)
XL: 127x89cm (for dogs from 30kg)
We always recommend measuring the dog when it is lying down and adding 15cm for the correct size. If in doubt, it is better to order a size larger.
The Cozy Cave is available in Poly-Cotton, WAG (water-repellent), Luxury Microsuede or Show Dog version

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